Mushroom Mix


Get a mix of gourmet and medicinal mushrooms that are grown with similar care as your greens, from a like-minded urban farm, MarsRoom.

Included in each box will be 3 varieties of mushrooms, depending on what's growing that week. The mix could include: Black Pearl, Blue Oysters, Golden Enoki, Golden Oysters, Lion's Mane, King Trumpet and/or Shiitake's.

About Mars Room Mushrooms:

A small, woman-owned and run farm. Their philosophy is to produce gourmet and medicinal mushrooms of the best quality. That means sourcing organic spores and substrate, not using harmful pesticides. Filled with minerals, protein and fiber, you can rest easy knowing that your family is well-taken care of. Nutritious and simple, they harvest all of their produce, minimizing waste too.

We deliver to Longmont, Berthoud, Mead, and Niwot Colorado. For orders $24 and up, delivery is free. Contact us for more info at: