Sustainable Agriculture is Reducing the Environmental Impacts of the Food Industry

Our greens are grown indoors in hydroponic systems where a constant stream of mineral enriched water feeds the plants through their roots. Growing indoors allows us to control the all aspects of the environment, from nutrients, air, and temperature, to lighting spectrums and crop rotation. We are able to offer optimal growing conditions that make our plants healthy, strong and oh so tasty! We also use energy efficient heating and cooling technology and compost all waste products, we are focused on being as "green" as we can get!

With Colorado’s weather swings from extreme heats to harsh colds, urban farming enables us to grow all-year-round. We cultivate our greens in an environment that is also pest-free and weed-free, completely eliminating any use of harmful chemicals or pesticides. The result? Our produce is the prettiest and tastiest we’ve ever grown or eaten!

Less Water

By growing in a hydroponic system, we are circulating water to grow our plants. This results in 10 times less water than conventional agriculture due to evaporation and run-off.

Less Emissions

Being close to your home eliminates refrigeration for transport and minimizes car emissions. Our goal is to be be completely emissions-free with transport by electric vehicle that is charged from solar power.

Less Waste

By hand-delivering your greens in reusable glass and compostable PLA containers we are eliminating all packaging waste. All biowaste from our harvest is added to the compost on our farm and regenerated into healthy soil for future growing.

We couldn't understand where we went wrong with our kids and their unwillingness to eat healthy green foods. For years we placed new vegetables on their plates to "try" with no success, only struggles. That was until one day at the Longmont Farmers Market they were compelled to try this small leafy green, a Sunflower Shoot. That's when we knew how appealing these little leafy microgreens could be for kids, and how it could help give them the nutrition that they lack from not eating their greens.

After that day, we started growing microgreens at home. We grew more than we could eat and began to share them with friends and family. After extended practice for what it takes to grow different varieties indoors, hydroponically, our passion was further ignited by the impacts we could make on the future of agriculture through sustainable farming.

That’s when it hit us. Vertical farming is an ideal solution to reducing water waste, lessening carbon emissions and the problems with food waste. Providing local access to nutrient-rich foods (year-round) in a climate changing world is essential for the future of our children, and our children’s children.

And that's when the idea for Wispy Greens was born and lettuce was added to our grow room.

We believe introducing microgreens is much easier when they are tossed in a salad. This way, everyone who is new to microgreens could also enjoy their go-to lettuce with the added benefit of our tiny vegetables.

The possibilities that hydroponic growing offers is opening up as we grow our business. We'll be adding more greens, like full grown herbs in the next phase of our business, when we build our Greenhouse!

A New Horizon in 2020

COVID-19 was the perfect storm for our subscription business. With the benefits of delivering nutrient-rich greens direct to consumers, we suddenly found ourselves experiencing extreme growing pains. And for good reason! We hit full capacity in June.

In August we purchased a new growing facility with enough space for future growth. After much TLC to get our space grow-ready, we started delivering our greens again in December.

We continue to serve our Longmont community along with the surrounding areas of: Hygiene, Lyons, Niwot, Mead, and Berthoud, Colorado.

We sincerely hope you can join the Wispy family and reap the benefits of wholesome greens during this challenging time for overall health and wellness.