Special Order - All-Natural Granola Mix

Maple Oat Granola 

Ingredients: organic rolled oats, organic maple syrup, organic raw soaked almonds, organic raw soaked pumpkin seeds, organic coconut shreds, organic almond butter, organic ceylon cinnamon, organic almond extract, organic vanilla, pink himalayan salt

This heart-healthy granola uses the highest quality organic and gluten-free ingredients. Unlike most granolas on the market, this crunchy addition to your day is oil-free and lightly  sweetened with organic Grade A maple syrup. The nuts and seeds are soaked to improve digestibility and increase nutrient absorption. Enjoy it as morning cereal, sprinkle it on your yogurt or smoothie bowl, or take it along as a healthy snack while you are out and about.

Gluten-Free * Oil-Free *  Vegan  *  Organic